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For many men, becoming a father is a life dream. Not being able to conceive due to a varicocele can be a long, frustrating and sometimes depressing journey for you and your partner. Don't worry, you're not alone. Approximately 10% of all men have been diagnosed with a varicocele and 40% of infertile men suffer from varicocele. For you however, choosing a surgical treatment may not be the option you prefer. There is an alternative. It's called Varicocele Embolization.

Varicocele embolization is an outpatient treatment that closes off the blood flow to the affected vein internally, without surgery. This minimally invasive procedure requires only local anesthesia (rather than general anesthesia). The procedure requires only a small incision and requires no stitches. There is no cutting into the testicle, scrotum, or abdomen, and no sutures.

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Schedule your consultation to speak with a trusted physician in your area and learn about the benefits of Varicocele Embolization. These benefits include:

  • Short recovery time—you are back to your routine and non-strenuous activity the day after the procedure
  • 90% success rates- This is similar to surgical techniques
  • Similar improvements to surgery- This includes similar results to improvement in semen quality and pain relief as surgery

Varicocele Embolization vs Surgery

Other considerations for choosing this minimally-invasive procedure include:

  • The preferred option if you’re experiencing varicocele pain, as surgery can contribute to additional pain and scarring.
  • Preferred treatment if you’ve had a prior varicocele surgery and the varicocele came back.

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